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Nanak Naam has expanded and now has a full-time team

With the ever-growing demand for people seeking inner peace and searching for ways to gain mental wellbeing and alleviate suffering we have decided to employ a team to give you all this and more.

We are very excited and feel very blessed to now have a full-time team working at Nanak Naam.

Since 2013 when Nanak Naam began we have operated with one staff member, Satpal Singh who worked voluntarily from 2013 – 2017, and an amazing group of volunteers.

Our team consists of a Board of Trustees who guide our strategic vision. Satpal Singh, CEO & Founder, our visionary for all of what Nanak Naam has become and will be and our Gurmat spiritual philosopher. Sarnjit Flora, Marketing Communications Manager & Office Manager, our strategist for everything to do with marketing, branding and comms, she also helps to ensure our charity compliance. Diāna Āboliņa, Video & Digital Content Producer, our producer of all our videos and dynamic content.

Collectively we all have a passion for spiritual teachings, our belief in oneness is what motivates us and our dedication to serving humanity is what drives us.

We couldn’t have got this far without all your support, thank you. We at Nanak Naam truly value each and everyone one of our supporters.