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  • Nanak Naam Reaches 100k YouTube Subscribers!

    We were so excited to have reached 100K YouTube Subscribers!

    You Asked, We Listened

    We created a Vaisakhi challenge

    At this time of year it's always good to reflect upon what values we have been given by our Guru'

  • We’re hiring, join the Nanak Naam team.

    Are you passionate about the work we do? Are you based in the

    This Too Shall Pass

    We released a new story analogy video, “This Too Shall Pass".

    Whenever we are going thro

    Featured on BBC Asian Network

    Satpal joined Jassa Ahluwalia (

  • The World’s First ‘Sikh Art Therapy Book’.

    We are very excited to announce the world's first 'Sikh Art Therapy Book'.

    This book has a

    Satpal & Jay Sean discuss “The God Factor”

    Satpal had a great conversati

    Nanak Naam reach over 100,000 Facebook followers!

    It’s been an incredible journey since we started Nanak Naam in 2012.

    The support of our

  • Nanak Naam has a successful month collaborating with leading social media personalities.

    Satpal Singh has collaborated with many social media personalities representing the Sikh communit

    Satpal Singh represents the Sikh community in the worlds largest online music concert

    Satpal Singh was invited to represent the Sikh community in the largest online music concert 'One

    You said we need more & we said OK let’s do it!

    Over the last few years we have been asked by many “How do you meditate?”, “How can I stop my

  • Nanak Naam has expanded and now has a full-time team

    With the ever-growing demand for people seeking inner peace and searching for ways to gain mental we

    2020 starts off with many doors opening for Nanak Naam

    We knew at the beginning of the year that we needed to grow our operational structure and expand our