In Latest From Nanak Naam

Nanak Naam has a successful month collaborating with leading social media personalities.

Satpal Singh has collaborated with many social media personalities representing the Sikh community and spreading Guru Nanak’s message of oneness and his wisdom on non-duality. 

Leading personalities include: Jvala Singh, Yogini Shlloka, Mystics of India, Unity Om Diversity.

LIVE talk with Jvalaaa Singh, discussing the importance of (Advait) Non-dual philosophy of Oneness (IK) in Sikhi.

Watch here.

 ‘Ask the Masters’ LIVE series, speaking with Yogini Shlloka, Sadhguru’s disciple and Dr. Nidhi Kumar, Celebrity Host. Together they discussed spirituality in everyday life, existential issues + a guided meditation.

Watch here.

Nanak Naam charity continues to ‘Take Gurmat Global’.