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Sikh Spirituality Courses Are Urgently Needed. Donate Today!

The whole world is hurting, many people are struggling to deal with their mental health, grief of losing a loved one, their relationships and life issues. People are unable to understand why they feel the way they do, Gurdwaras are not teaching us how to heal our wounds, there is no easy way to process our pain using Gurmat. This is because we do not have the right tools or insight to apply the Guru’s wisdom to deal with painful situations.

Being a Sikh is to be a student of the Gurus. When have you ever seen anyone take notes at the gurdwara to understand what the Guru is saying?

How many Sikh institutions and organisations are there that can deal with real-life issues such as death, grief and healing using Gurmat? The Guru’s wisdom can improve how we feel in every moment.

The wisdom of Gurmat has been specifically created for people living ordinary family and working lives to live in bliss. This wisdom is unknown and is getting lost, why have we let this happen?

It is more critical than ever to elevate one another and integrate Sikh wisdom into our everyday lives. This sacred knowledge can save and transform lives.

Nanak Naam strongly believes Gurmat can save lives. It’s time to start feeding people’s minds, hearts and souls with the wisdom of the Guru.

With your support, we aim to create a range of easy-to-understand Online Gurmat Courses.

In 2023 we will deliver:
Dealing with grief, loss & bereavement
Healing With Wisdom


In 2024 we will deliver:
Love and Relationships
Meditating With Wisdom

Other future topics will include:
Stress management
Marriage advise
Spirituality in the workplace
Living in Acceptance

  • Enhance their awareness and expand their knowledge of spirituality in different topics using structured courses.
  • Embed the Guru’s wisdom into their everyday life.
  • Explore topics in depth with group discussions.

Your generous donation will be used towards helping us start this project.


Your support will:

  • Create a series of easy-to-understand online Gurmat courses that Gurdwaras can run.
  • Create translated courses in multiple languages: Punjabi, Hindi and Spanish.
  • Help youth learn Sikh spirituality.
  • Create international sangat groups.
  • Spread the Guru’s wisdom around the world.

Here is our timeline:

2023 – Release the Grief, Loss & Bereavement course and Healing With Wisdom course.

2024 – Release Love and Relationships course and Meditating With Wisdom course.

2030 – Have 15+ courses and 300 established Global Gurmat Learning Groups around the world.