Satpal Singh

Founder and CEO
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Satpal Singh is a lecturer in Gurmat spiritual philosophy specialising in non-duality and mindfulness practices. In 2012 he founded Nanak Naam that started as a Youtube channel and is now is registered Charity in the UK, which he works for full-time to deliver online videos, courses and literature dedicated to Gurmat. Satpal Singh has delivered lectures and meditations classes for over ten years. He combines a unique blend of ancient spiritual wisdom with easy-to-follow techniques that bring value to all who attend.

With over 200,000 followers and +10 million views online, Nanak Naam has managed to garner the attention of those that have a quest to understand the spiritual teachings of our Sikh Gurus. After leaving a successful career in IT back in 2016, he has now made it his life's missions to spread the incredible spiritual teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji in simple spoken English, making it easier for people to comprehend the significance and relevance of Gurmat spirituality in one’s daily life.

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