Restless Mind and Frustration

Bhai Satpal Singh explores the nature of over-thinking and the wandering mind. This can often lead to increasing frustration with ourselves and others. Also identifies problems with trying to silence the mind.

Happiness and Fulfillment

What is happiness? How does one find a deeper, longer lasting happiness in life and overcome suffering? Katha in English explores contentment in life (santokh), fulfillment, joy (anand), bliss (Vismad), peace (sukh) Chardi kala and happiness in sikhism. How to be happy and how to find happiness in life.

Oneness – What is God?

What is the meaning of One? How do we understand our relationship with the universe and connect with the divine. Know yourself and merge ‘Me’ and ‘God’ together. English Katha (Sikh Lecture) by Bhai Satpal Singh, recorded on 27th Jan 2013 in Central Gurdwara, London, UK.