Nanak Naam reach over 100,000 Facebook followers!

It’s been an incredible journey since we started Nanak Naam in 2012.

The support of our audience has helped transform the lives of thousands of people by spreading and sharing the powerful

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Nanak Naam has a successful month collaborating with leading social media personalities.

Satpal Singh has collaborated with many social media personalities representing the Sikh community and spreading Guru Nanak's message of oneness and his wisdom on non-duality. 


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Satpal Singh represents the Sikh community in the worlds largest online music concert

Satpal Singh was invited to represent the Sikh community in the largest online music concert 'One World: Together At Home' hosted by Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation (WHO).


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You said we need more & we said OK let’s do it!

Over the last few years we have been asked by many “How do you meditate?”, “How can I stop my mind from wondering when mediating?”, “What’s so special about meditation?”, “Does oneness

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Nanak Naam has expanded and now has a full-time team

With the ever-growing demand for people seeking inner peace and searching for ways to gain mental wellbeing and alleviate suffering we have decided to employ a team to give you all this and more. We

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2020 starts off with many doors opening for Nanak Naam

We knew at the beginning of the year that we needed to grow our operational structure and expand our team to meet the growing demands of our audience. We felt it the right time to take a leap of faith

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Restless Mind and Frustration

Bhai Satpal Singh explores the nature of over-thinking and the wandering mind. This can often lead to increasing frustration with ourselves and others. Also identifies problem

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Happiness and Fulfillment

What is happiness? How does one find a deeper, longer lasting happiness in life and overcome suffering? Katha in English explores contentment in life (santokh), fulfillment, j

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Oneness – What is God?

What is the meaning of One? How do we understand our relationship with the universe and connect with the divine. Know yourself and merge 'Me' and 'God' together. English Kat

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